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Archives for March 2021

5 Family Prayers for Holy Week

We are approaching Easter and Holy Week in the midst of a world that seems to be crumbling in crisis from Covid-19, a faltering economy, and fear running rampant. Our hearts are distracted from the purpose of the Lenten season, and the peace we should be feeling has been replaced with crippling ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Develop a Stronger Prayer Life

I have a woman in my life who tells me often that she has my picture on my desk and when she sees it, she prays for me. I have no reason to doubt it, when she says it, she means it.  I want to be that kind of prayer warrior, one that always has it on the forefront of my mind to pray for others ... READ the POST

The Complete Guide to Bible Study Resources

One question I get most often is, “Where do I start when I open my Bible?” My number one answer is always to simply begin. It sounds overly simple but it can be the hardest first step.  Here is a list of resources to help you, whether you are Bible study beginner or you have been in the Word for ... READ the POST

How to Disciple your Peers

I was never successful in friendships until I was an adult and even now those relationships come with their own struggles. As much as I wanted friendships I was fearful of sharing who I really was and was often still haunted by the terrible memories of what having friends in school was like.  I ... READ the POST

5 Easy Steps to Bible Study

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 It sounds too easy I get it.  Five steps sounds crazy, too simple when you have spent so much time wrestling over how to even open your ... READ the POST


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