Gratitude Because He is Good

“Give thanks to the Lord,

 for he is good; his faithful 

love endures forever.” 

Psalm 107:1

The quilt draped heavily over us as we snuggled close. When the weather is cooler there is something in me that longs to slow down and soak up the little things that are right in front of me. Those beautiful things happen to be my family. 

The year takes me in a rush it seems. We come and go from activities, work, and school. We speed through our days and barely take a moment to slow down and appreciate each other. I think that is why I love the fall and winter days when it is as though the Lord pushes me to a slower pace. Not because activity slows, but because my heart does. 

I find myself thankful for the work that God does in my heart in those cooler days. Thankful for the snuggles and big cozy quilts. It is a reminder to be thankful for the small things, the moments that don’t seem like much are actually filled with the truth of who God is. 

We can find grateful moments in the small things because Scripture reminds us how to maintain a heart of thanks. We are reminded that we can be grateful because God is good, faithful, and loving. 

I can rest in peace because of the truth that I know about God. It is what brings peace in the middle of my chaotic days and overwhelming schedule. Who He is, gives me the freedom to walk in joy and thankfulness for what is around me.

  • He is good – not just good by our basic definition, but good in the holiest sense of the Word. He maintains His standing no matter the circumstances that linger over us. He isn’t moved by the wind or the seasons. He is consistently good.
  • He is faithful – My heart often turns away from contentment and on to a place and worry. I fail to be faithful, yet God is faithful above all. When I have days that I feel I have failed as a mom, He faithfully meets me in the middle of it all. 
  • He is loving – His love is what keeps us pressing forward every day. His love is what speaks life to our weary hearts, and it is His love that invites us to rest. 

My heart finds true gratitude when I remember the loving-kindness of my Father. I can slow my pace from striving for myself and fix my eyes with hope on Him. This year will be no different. I will again grab my grandmother’s handmade quilt and my people and we will snuggle down together and I will breathe in the goodness of God and breathe out gratitude for all the beauty that He has poured out into my life.

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