Do The Next Thing

If I have learned anything it is that we are better together than on our own. I don’t know that I would really understand exactly how much without She Speaks. The first time I went four years ago I felt more alone than ever as a writer. There was no one in my life that fully understood the commitment that I had made and the calling that God has placed on my life. 

So the solution clearly was to put myself in the middle of a room with 800 other women I assumed were all called to do the same thing. (Did you catch all that sarcasm?) 

I learned a few things that proves true year after year that I attend She Speaks:
  1. Every single story from each woman is unique to them, each calling is different. 
  2. Rejection comes with the profession.
  3. Surround yourself with women who will cheer for you and help you. 
  4. You cannot do this well alone. 

It is just as true now as it was four years ago. God has proved it time and again. So this year heading into conference four with a finished book I was looking forward to sharing what God has done and cheering on and encouraging others. It brought so much joy to share with women that it is possible to do what God has asked of you in an industry that at times feels impossible to step into. 

While I was able to encourage others, I walked away encouraged myself that the hard work of the last year has been totally worth it. This year I walked away feeling charged to do the next thing, whatever it is. No matter what God asks, be ready. 

And, thanks to Lisa Whittle I was given the best reminder of all – Jesus over everything. 

Despite She Speaks, despite writing books, blogging, or anything that God calls me to do, it should always be Jesus over everything. No compromise. Everything else is a deal-breaker. No matter your calling, your job, or how you spend your days it should always be Jesus over everything. It is the filter by which we say yes and no to things around us. 

For me it is the reminder that it should be where I start every day. When I have a business decision, publishing choice; Jesus over everything is the benchmark. I am thankful for the reminders that I need every day. 

She Speaks was just what I needed after launching Holy Mess, I cannot wait to share all of the ideas that God has placed on my heart and what is next for Displaying Grace.