Why Holy Mess

This week marks the launch of my book Holy Mess. It is really hard to believe that it is now out in the world after working on it for three years, but I am glad to see it soar out of my hands at last. 

So it begs the question, why Holy Mess? Why work on a project this long?

I could have walked away a long time ago, but the heart of the book never left me alone. It was something that I was living day in and day out. I was experiencing every single word I was putting on paper. It was hard, and it hurt. But as I wrote this book I thought about women like me, women who needed to hear the redeeming truth of the Gospel and find freedom in this life that often feels like too much. 

This book isn’t a one size fits some situation, it is a one size fits all women book. There is something in this book for everyone who has breath in their lungs and is longing for more, longing for hope in the bleakness around them. This book is for women who lay their heads on their pillows at the end of the day and feel like they have failed the people in their lives. 

It is for the woman who works hard to provide for her children and be everything to her kids. It is for the woman who wonders if she will ever be loved, or even worth loving. Holy Mess is an anthem for women everywhere, that this, right now, this temporary life is nothing compared to what is to come. This temporary place has a purpose and hope in Christ alone, and Scripture is true when it says that He will not leave us, and He will walk with us always. 

You see that is what I remembered when I thought of giving up on the hard days, I thought of you. 

Women are bombarded with messages from the world on a daily basis; look a certain way, be a certain size, political messages, social issues, the thoughts and opinions of others, and the list goes on. But we are failing to hear the one voice that says, “Daughter I love you, I am fighting for you, I want to redeem you, transform you, and utterly change your life. Daughter, you will still face hard days and trials but through Christ, through the Holy Spirit, I will walk beside you every step you take.”

Let’s be women who listen to God’s voice over the world.

Let us bring our mess to the table and allow God to change us for His glory and our benefit. 

Let us be Holy Mess daughters! 

You can grab a copy of Holy Mess now on Amazon or in the Displaying Grace Shop

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