5 Ways to Develop a Stronger Prayer Life

I have a woman in my life who tells me often that she has my picture on my desk and when she sees it, she prays for me. I have no reason to doubt it, when she says it, she means it. 

I want to be that kind of prayer warrior, one that always has it on the forefront of my mind to pray for others every chance I get. 

I have struggled with prayer. How do I pray? When should I pray? What should I pray for?

I think it is safe to say that many of us feel that way. We wish our prayer lives were stronger and more fruitful. We long to be women who are looked at as prayer warriors rather than prayer neglectors. 

It’s a deep cry of our hearts, we buy new journals, print prayer charts, and read every book on prayer, and yet our wheels spin; we are no better than before. 

I believe that there are five simple steps we can take every day to grow our prayer life. 

1. It’s not about time, but the posture of our hearts.

We bulldoze ourselves into believing if we don’t pray for extended lengths of time then we will miss things we are supposed to pray for, or our prayers will not be effective. Ultimately our prayer life isn’t about a vast amount of time, but the posture of our hearts. Paul is clear that we are to “give thanks always and for everything” (Ephesians 5:20).  If we keep in mind that our lives should be in constant prayer then we will find moments to talk to God through the day. 

-When someone specific comes to mind, pray for them right in that moment. 

-When you handle the mundane task of laundry, thank Him for the incredible blessings that He has showered over your family. 

-As you make meals, pray for each one of your family members. 

-In the stillness of getting ready for your day, give thanks for another day of life. Pray for yourself, that God would equip you, lead you and open doors of opportunity for you. 

-As you pack lunches or serve breakfast pray over each of your children and your spouse. 

-At night as you tuck yourself beneath the covers let go of your day into His hands. 

There are simple ways to adjust the posture of our hearts throughout the day when we allow God to teach us to pray. 

2. Prayer Journals

A prayer journal is a great way to keep track of answered prayers and concerns of your heart. I use mine each morning before I start my day. I let go of all I woke up with on my mind and ask Him to adjust the posture of my heart for the day. By writing it out I can look back at how God has been moving in ways that I may miss in the busy days of life. 

3. Stop saying I will pray for you, and just do it.

We are quick to throw out “I will pray for you.” I do it too, don’t get me wrong. We say we will but how often do we actually put it into action like we should. If someone reaches out to you for prayer, or you see a need, don’t wait. DO IT RIGHT THEN. Pray over them wherever you are, pray with them if you are in person, even over text or a phone call. Don’t wait, don’t push it off until later. 

Then every time God brings them to mind, pray. 

4. Involve your people.

If you are like me, your days are filled with children and endless tasks. Include them in your prayer posture through the day. When God presses your heart over a specific need, allow them to pray with you. 

Not only is God teaching you a life of prayer, He will also teach your family. Our children learn by our example. If they see us talking to God, they will follow our lead. 

Encourage your children to pray when needs arise or troubles come, no petition is too small for God. For their friend troubles, bad attitudes, or fears. We must teach them that God is ready to meet them in it. 

5. Don’t forget to listen

A prayer life is truly effective when we stop talking long enough to listen and allow the Father to answer. Just like our kids who rarely slow down long enough to listen, we fall into a similar trap. Sometimes we are so busy petitioning God, that we miss His answers. 

There is no magic formula to developing a powerful prayer life, it boils down to desire. If we want it, then we will ask God to help us make it happen. It is built with intentionality and great care. 

Pray on my friend! Pray on.

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